Bon café is a wholly indigenous company that presents ice creams, pastries, espresso, coffee, tea, cappuccino etc with an International touch, using global ingredients and recipes to a very large market audience.

At Bon Café, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and it will not be compromised.

We at Bon Café incorporate style into every Ice cream, pastry, espresso coffee, tea and cappuccino we serve. The appearance, the sensation, and the taste of our ice cream and pastries create a unique experience for each event. All you simply have to do is tell us your preference, the quantity/ unit of products required and the service you want us to provide and we will do the rest.


Bon Café aims to provide our clientele custom made ice cream, pastries, espresso coffee, tea and cappuccino delivered with high quality service at very competitive prices that will fit every budget.

Our goals are:

– To surpass and satisfy client request by providing authentic and global acceptable ice cream, pastries etc .
– To ensure our clients satisfaction.
– To continuously give quality service each and every time.



To bring world class standards to the café business in Nigeria.


Our Vision is to be the most respected café brand in Nigeria

Our Values include:

– Excellence
– Ethical
– Quality
– Delight
– Responsible and
– Profitable

At Bon Café we have written laid down procedure and contingency plans that can be implemented immediately by our creative management team to combat each and every problem that arises.

Bon café has been in this business for over five (5) years. Our management team collectively has more than 15years of experience between themselves. Our chefs and ice cream professionals have studied from and received training from the best sources from around the world and they have mastered the art of pastry making and ice cream production to a high extent. The list of our satisfied client speaks for itself. We are here to stay and we aim to be a force in this industry for many years to come.

It will always be our pleasure to serve you the best ice cream, pastries, espresso coffee, tea and cappuccino.

Although our costs are comparable with industry standard we never compromised on the quality of our ice cream and pastries, our prices are negotiable.